Scream? Us? Never!

A and E celebrated their eight-week birthday today in style by ditching their usual attire of babygrows in favour of fetching outfits – E in a stripy dress and A in a cool hoodie. After a slow start to the day, Young Daddy and I whisked the birthday twins off to Bluewater to shop for a present for their soon-to-be-best-mate Jacob Dylan Tuhami who made his arrival on Wednesday and who we all hope to meet tomorrow. Of course A and E didn’t come home empty-handed and they can’t wait to show off their new snazzy tops, which I’ve put in the wash already. The trip almost ended in disaster when Young Daddy and I lost track of time in shopping heaven and left Bluewater a bit late for A and E’s next feed. E made her displeasure known, but fell asleep once the car was moving. Young Daddy and I thought we had had a lucky escape, and then we ran into stationary traffic less than five minutes later. It ended up taking us over two hours to get home and, despite some grumbling, A and E managed not to self-combust with hunger-induced hysteria and caught up on their beauty sleep instead. They were rewarded with a massive feast when they got home. Brownie points to A and E and a very Happy Birthday!

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