The lions meet the dragon

It’s been a sociable day for the Young family. We were all very excited to meet Jacob Dylan Tuhami (“JD”) for the first time – he’s five days old today and is already wearing his Welsh colours. I guess we need to get our act together and get the twins their England kits so the rivalry can begin in earnest! Apparently Jacob has already enjoyed two rugby games with Tuhami Daddy, and is planning to watch the motor racing today. We’ve got some visitors popping by later to meet the mini Youngs for the first time which is a good way to keep us occupied as the weather is too grim out for us to venture out for a walk.

Today is also official “Stop Snacking” day in the Young household. E and A have been learning bad habits from me and Young Daddy, and have decided that they much prefer snacking all day to settling down for a proper meal (although Young Daddy and I manage to combine snacking with eating big meals – hence our ever-expanding waistlines!). But today we are taking a stand against baby snacking so we’re expecting a few tears before bedtime….

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