West End babies

E and A made their first trip up to the West End today to do some Christmas shopping. Young Daddy carried Mr A in the baby bjorn, and I wheeled E in the single buggy, so that we didn’t have to try to get the double pushchair round the shops! They were perfectly behaved throughout, and slept for the whole trip.
A has been giving us bigger and bigger smiles everyday and we’re loving it. At the moment, the smiles come at slightly random moments, but he definitely treated Young Daddy to some beaming grins today. He’s also a really chatter – he natters away to himself, especially after a feed. His favourite word at the moment is ‘goo’ and I just love it when he says it – it’s just so cute!
We bottle-fed A all day to see if he was happier (I usually breastfeed him for a short while and then give him a top-up bottle as soon as he starts fussing,but this often leads to prolonged bouts of crying) and he did seem to be calmer in general. E, on the other hand, has decided that she’ll do the fussing instead and hasn’t fed well all day. I think my milk supply has been a bit low today (maybe because I’m tired? I hope it’s not drying up), so E has had to work extra hard to feed, and she has not been impressed. We picked up some more of my special ‘Mother’s Helper’ tea yesterday (supposed to aid milk production) so hopefully that will help get it going again. I got really emotional when Young Daddy questioned if E is starting to reject the breast like A has. I’m so keen to keep breastfeeding, but it’s hard to know if I’m being selfish by keeping going. Would E and A be happier babies if I just switched to bottles? It’s the question that goes round and round in my head constantly, but I haven’t come up with an answer yet…

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