Twins together

This evening, Young Daddy and I held E and A up to each other. A wasn’t that interested, but E was absolutely mesmerised and stared at A with a curious smile on her face for ages. It was so cute – I really can’t wait until they’re properly aware of each other and can start interacting. . . . → Read More: Twins together

The good ol’ days of Clothkits

I can remember visiting the Clothkits shop as a child, and it was a firm favourite with my mum, who was really disappointed when it closed. I’ve just discovered that the company was relaunched last year with a gorgeous collection of outfits to sew at home. Instead of following a paper pattern, the cutting lines are . . . → Read More: The good ol’ days of Clothkits

The perfect baby pic?

My friend Ellie has just emailed me a link to the Sadie Olive blog and there are some absolutely beautiful photographs on there of one very very cute baby. Team the cute baby with some gorgeous vintage suitcases and you get a perfect combination in . . . → Read More: The perfect baby pic?

I hate bin day

Negotiating the pavements with my double pushchair is challenging enough first thing in the morning, but add an obstacle course of wheelie bins and I definitely experience a sense of humour failure! After having to move countless bins on my early morning walk today, I decided to nominate Bin Day as my ‘Most Hated Day of . . . → Read More: I hate bin day

Sickness strikes

Young Daddy has come down with a nasty stomach bug. Luckily for him, E, A and I were out most of the day today – we went up to Southbank again to meet a couple of NCT friends and visit the Christmas market. That meant that Young Daddy could sleep all day, although he was still . . . → Read More: Sickness strikes