Hairdryer heaven

I was out of ideas and at the end of my tether this morning with both babies crying. It was raining hard, my back was hurting too much to lug the car seats around and my hair was still wet from my shower. Then I remembered the magic effect of the hairdryer. I sat on the . . . → Read More: Hairdryer heaven

London calling

We made our first trip up to London yesterday so that Young Daddy could come with us. Our local station has no stair-free access so we walked to the next one down the line. E and A slept through their first ever train journey – I was definitely more excited than them!

It was strange walking along . . . → Read More: London calling

Night smiles

E wouldn’t settle down to sleep this evening, but it was hard to be cross with her when, whenever Young Daddy went in to settle her, she gave him the biggest beaming . . . → Read More: Night smiles

Another growth spurt? The eternal question..

I’ve had a nightmare day with Mr A today. He started the day ok, with a half-decent breastfeed and top-up bottle, and then slept until the next feed (we met a friend at Dulwich Park for a walk, tea and cake). But it was all downhill from 10.30am, when A teased me with a textbook 15 . . . → Read More: Another growth spurt? The eternal question..

Under the sea

Met up with Hackers Mummy this afternoon for a trip to the Horniman Museum’s aquarium. The babies seemed to love the dark of the aquarium and the lights and shapes in the tanks. A slept through the whole tour, but Max and E enjoyed looking at the fish. It would have been rude to have left . . . → Read More: Under the sea