Miss E leads 2-0

The battle of the bottle continued this evening. I smugly thought we’d regained the upper hand after I managed to put E down to bed after her bottle without having to breastfeed her to get her to settle. She fell asleep straightaway and I thankfully got into the bath, but less than 45 minutes later a familiar cry came through the monitor and though Young Daddy tried his hardest to rock her back to sleep, it wasn’t until she’d had a couple of minutes on the boob that she settled again.
Young Daddy will get to spend a lot more time with A and E over Christmas, and hopefully that will mean we’ll be able to crack E’s clinginess. It’s really easy for me to spend more time with E because I entertain her once she’s finished breastfeeding, and Young Daddy and A do the same after he’s had his bottle, but over the holidays we’ll make sure to keep swapping babies!

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