The life of Miss E

A while ago I wrote a post about E blowing a raspberry. Well it’s now her absolute favourite thing to do! If she finds something funny or amusing she’ll blow a big raspberry and some impressive bubbles. It’s very cute, although the bubbles and dribble aren’t so fun!
The cuteness makes up a little bit for her diva-like behaviour at the moment. She is going through a really clingy stage and doesn’t like being held by anyone but Young Mummy (including Young Daddy), which is particularly annoying at this time of year when there’s lots of socialising being done. We have also discovered that it’s not the bottle she’s refusing, it’s being fed by Young Daddy! If I give her her bottle she’ll feed happily, but the second I pass her to Young Daddy the screaming begins. We know we’re going to have to have a big showdown with her sooner or later and not give in, but at the moment, sleep for us is so precious that we can’t face doing it.
Another achievement by E this week was sleeping through. On Tuesday night she slept from 12.30 ’til 7.30am which was a very very welcome surprise, as for the previous few mornings her wake-up time had been 5.30am, which definitely isn’t a pleasant start to the day. This morning she woke up at 5.45am for a quick feed, but she settled back down and slept until 8.15am. Unfortunately this morning A decided that he wanted to get up at 6.30am (despite feeding at 4.30am). Oh the joys of twins!

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