Making the move

I had mixed feelings last night when we put E and A down for the night in the nursery rather than in our bedroom. I was actually quite surprised how sentimental I felt about having them in the room with us, and I really really missed them when I went to bed. I didn’t realise how much I liked waking up and hearing them sleeping. On the flipside I’m very keen to reclaim our bedroom and it’ll be lovely to be able to potter around our room in the evening with the light on, and read my book before I go to sleep.
Another dilemma we had was whether to sleep them in separate cots in the nursery (they sleep side-by-side in one cot at the moment, separated by a rolled up towel), but we decided to leave them together for now. One step at a time!
We toyed with the idea of having the monitor in our room, but as the nursery is right next door we decided to rely on hearing them naturally in the night. I woke to hear A chatting to himself about 4am and was getting myself ready to get up and feed him but he settled himself back to sleep and woke crying an hour later. He needed comforting a bit before I gave him his bottle – I’m not sure if he was upset about waking up and not hearing us sleeping? – but he was fine after that and greedily downed his bottle. Unfortunately E woke at the same time so Young Daddy had to get up too, but both babies settled back to sleep and amazingly didn’t wake again until 8.15am – a record lie-in for us! I hope it wasn’t because neither of us heard them crying earlier, but I’m pretty sure one of us would have stirred if one of the babies had been screaming. I’m totally prepared for the lovely lie-in to have been a one-off, but it was much appreciated today and I’m sure we’ll get another one at some point in the future….

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