A white Christmas for E and A

Snow and ice didn’t stop us making the journey up to County Durham on Christmas day to spend the day with the Young family. We had an amazingly quick journey – not many people on the roads at 5.45am on Christmas morning! The sun was shining by late morning when we arrived and the snowy views . . . → Read More: A white Christmas for E and A

Miss E leads 2-0

The battle of the bottle continued this evening. I smugly thought we’d regained the upper hand after I managed to put E down to bed after her bottle without having to breastfeed her to get her to settle. She fell asleep straightaway and I thankfully got into the bath, but less than 45 minutes later a . . . → Read More: Miss E leads 2-0

Scheduling nightmare

We committed the cardinel sin of twin care today by letting E and A start their day at significantly different times. Young Daddy got up with A at 6.30am this morning, and I tried to get some extra shut-eye while E slept – she didn’t wake ’til 8.15am in the end. It was a bit short-sighted . . . → Read More: Scheduling nightmare

The life of Miss E

A while ago I wrote a post about E blowing a raspberry. Well it’s now her absolute favourite thing to do! If she finds something funny or amusing she’ll blow a big raspberry and some impressive bubbles. It’s very cute, although the bubbles and dribble aren’t so fun!

The cuteness makes up a little bit for her . . . → Read More: The life of Miss E

Bah humbug

I’ve got to admit that I’m not really feeling the festive spirit this year. Christmas can be stressful and busy at the best of times, but add two 15-week-old babies and a large dose of sleep deprivation and it really starts to take its toll. Suddenly the seemingly endless tasks such as putting up decorations, buying . . . → Read More: Bah humbug