Miss E 1, Young Parents 0

Last night, E insisted on being breastfed at every feed. She took 60ml from the bottle when Young Daddy did the 11pm feed, but refused to take anymore and wouldn’t settle until eventually he gave in and got Young Mummy out of bed to finish the feed on the breast (15 mins later E was happily . . . → Read More: Miss E 1, Young Parents 0

Christmas parties

We’ve had a full weekend of Christmas parties. Yesterday, Grandma and Grandpa Powell had their annual open house, and Young Daddy, E, A and I went along for the afternoon. The babies did pretty well, but E got a bit overwhelmed by the number of people. When I went upstairs with her to a quiet room . . . → Read More: Christmas parties

Feeding update

I’m not going to dwell on a summary of this week as I don’t want to come across as constantly negative. So instead of writing another post about what a terrible day I’ve had (!) I shall give an update on our feeding situation.

I’m still breastfeeding E during the day (she has formula overnight) and she . . . → Read More: Feeding update

Smashing plates

Ok, I admit it, I lost it today. After over five relentless hours with no let-up (nothing could make my babies happy this morning) I had to resort to smashing some crockery in the kitchen so that I wouldn’t smash the baby monitor to smithereens! Listening to E refuse to settle for her lunchtime nap was . . . → Read More: Smashing plates

The importance of naps

I had one of those days yesterday that kept veering between being terrible and being lovely! The morning definitely fell into the ‘terrible’ category. After the morning feed, I packed E and A into their car seats and we drove over to meet Uncle Will for the first time. He’s back from New Zealand on a . . . → Read More: The importance of naps