The best week so far

It’s been a good week. No, let’s not downplay it, it’s been a bloody good week. I think I would even say that it’s been our best week so far. Ok, so it’s taken 20 weeks but we finally (for the time being) seem to have got into the swing of family life. Miss E and Mr A have been lovely this week, and that feeling of dread when the time comes for Young Daddy to leave for work in the morning is nowhere near as desperate.
I thought it would be nice to list the five best things about this week, to remind myself in the not-so-good weeks that are still to come:
1. I got some decent sleep, and so rediscovered what the word ‘energy’ means! They say ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and we proved that this week by swapping night feeds. I can’t remember exactly how long Young Daddy’s been doing the 11pm dreamfeed, and I’ve been doing feeds sometime between 3 and 5am but it feels like forever. So I suggested a swap, and we’ve both loved the change. For me, I get about seven straight hours of sleep (for now – don’t worry, I know it’s not likely to last!) and as a result I’ve had so much more energy during the day.
2. Mr A’s personality has really started to shine. He’s obviously had his own little character since his arrival, but he was always quite introverted. Suddenly this week he’s become so much more interactive and expressive and I love it. He’s been a smiley, chuckling, cheeky little chappie all week and I just can’t help but smother him with kisses!
3. Miss E has slept through the night for three nights in a row (11.30pm – 7.30am). Ok, so on the fourth night she woke at 4.30am, but she still done three nights, and that’s three nights more than she’s ever done before. So well done Miss E, and here’s to more of the same (touch wood!)
4. The babies started enjoying their baby gym. I’ve seen my friends’ babies happily playing by themselves for weeks and had assumed that my babies just didn’t have that temperament. But it’s happening. The last couple of days I can put them on the mat and actually leave the room. For more than a minute. It’s amazing! It’s liberating!
5.This blogging thing seems to have fallen into place. This time last week I had no idea what a meme was, now I’ve written one and been tagged. I’ve got followers, I’ve had comments, and I’ve discovered lots of great blogs that I now follow. I was muddling along before but at last I’m starting to feel that I have a grasp of how it all works, and I’m really really starting to enjoy it.

I’m finally finding my feet and it feels good (coincidentally Miss E has also found her feet, literally, this week, and spends most of her days staring at them. I am helping her out by clothing them in fun and funky socks.).

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  • scribblingmum

    Such a nice feeling when it feels like its falling into place. My mantra for sleeping through the night was 'if they can do it once then can do it again, and again….' I look forward to the day when the blogging thing falls into place, early days so its nice to hear I (hopefully) have that to look forward to. Hope today is a good day too.

  • Mummy Bear

    Yay! Everything seems so much clearer after a good nights sleep! I remember when P found her feet, next thing they'll be rolling over…such magic times

  • Michelle

    Here is to many more great weeks for you. Mich x

  • foodie mummy

    They get more and more independent as time goes. My little one is now sitting up and stays like that for a good few minutes. It's great when they start sleeping through too! X

  • Clare

    Thanks for popping by my blog! Lovely to hear you've had such a good week..the whole motherhood thing is wonderful but completely knackering…mine are 2 and 8, lovely but exhausting!Hope next week gets even better.

  • mammydiaries

    I love when they find their feet :) It's great fun to watch. They're amazed everytime they see them! "OMG!!! IT'S YOU AGAIN!!!! WOW!!!" As for the blogging thing, it'll be a year for me I think in March (What?!?!?!? Where the hell did the time go?!?!?!?) and it took AGES for me to learn the ropes! Still feeling my way to be honest :) Great blog. Look forward to the next one!

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    Glad you are finding your feet blogging AND with the babies. It's amazing what a decent nights sleep will do (it took my second nearly 2 years before he would let me have 7 hours straight….)x

  • Young Mummy

    SM – I think I shall adopt your mantra, as it's a goodun!

    Mich – fingers crossed!

    MB – I'll be sooo excited when one of them rolls over.

    FM – sitting up will be great. I need to get a couple of Bumbos to encourage them I think.

    Clare – was great to find your blog. It's right up my street so I'll be following it avidly.

    MD – I thought it was super-cute when they found their hands but watching them so engrossed in their feet is even funnier, especially when Miss E is propped up on the sofa but leans forward to get a better look of her tootsies and falls flat on her face (sorry Miss E, I shouldn't laugh!)

    BiB – yes, we'll see how long it takes Mr A to follow Miss E's lead. I suspect it may be quite some time…

  • Tanya (Bump2Basics)

    Pleased to hear that you've had a great week and finally got a 7 hour stretch of sleep! I'm so daunted about how I'm going to do with one baby so admire you doing so well with two!

    I've been enjoying reading your blog and wanted to let you know that I've referenced it as one of my fav new reads in response to the meme begun at Who's the Mummy on sharing new blog discoveries!

  • solveig

    Hurrah for all those things! S x

  • Young Mummy

    You'll be great Tanya – keep bouncing on that ball! ;-)

    Thanks Solveig x

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