Jo Malone, Grazia and a glass of wine – who could want more?

I like Tuesdays. Baby-wise, Tuesdays are a whole lot better than Miserable Mondays, when we bid Young Daddy a tearful farewell as he leaves for work and my week at home with two babies stretches out endlessly in front of me. Tuesdays are much better. Tuesday afternoons bring all the fun of Monkey Music (for the uninitiated, Monkey Music is a weekly music class for babies), which I always look forward to as it gets us out of the house and means someone else does the hard work of providing baby entertainment for a while.

But by far the best time on a Tuesday is about 7pm when the babies are in bed, and Young Daddy runs me a bath (with very very hot water – I missed hot baths so much when I was pregnant. Luke warm water really defeats the purpose of a bath in my opinion) and brings me a large glass of wine. I add a little Jo Malone lime basil & mandarin bath oil to the water (one of the best perks of my job was regular Jo Malone freebies!) and grab my copy of Grazia that gets delivered on a Tuesday. Bliss! Then I get out of the bath and watch the joy that is Glee, followed by Tyra’s tiny beauties on America’s Next Top Model (Sky+ from yesterday)! I love Tuesdays.

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  • The Dotterel

    Cheers! I'm neither bathing, nor reading Grazia, nor drinking wine. But I'm joining you in toasted Tuesday… if only just because it isn't Monday.

  • Mummy Bear

    Ah Jo Malone…good taste indeed…I'll swap Grazia for Ok and the red for a white…trashy? Moi?

  • Young Mummy

    TD – here's to Tuesday!
    MB – Jo Malone…good taste…and expensive taste. Will be sad when I run out of my stock of freebies. Ooh haven't read Ok! for a while but now I'm craving it…

  • Foodie Mummy

    Emm, don't know Jo Malone (oops seems like I'm the only one) but loooove Glee and Tyra and the hot bath. I'll swap the magazine for a good book and any colour wine will do me. Discovered Glee at the beginning of this month and I am addicted. So here's to your pampering Tuesdays! X

  • RebaMc

    I hear you about the whole week stretching out… I hate Mondays!

    Thanking you for 'blogrolling' me… I've not been a good blogger of late, but I'm hoping to improve! x

  • It's a Mummys Life

    Good for you! I love that too, when I can wrestle the Jo Malone off the toddler! I did Monkey Music too, great to go to those sorts of things to keep you sane x

  • Young Mummy

    FM – give Jo Malone a try, I guarantee you'll be hooked. Glee is fab isn't it, makes me laugh so much.
    RebaMc – your scrapbooks are amazing, so inspiring!
    IAML – Toddler Wrestling – an Olympic sport contender?!

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