Game, set and match to Mr A and Miss E

So it’s Murraymania, and as a bit of a tennis fanatic, I’ve been looking forward to this morning’s Australian Open final all week. When Federer opened the match and I was in bed unable to drag myself out, you knew that something was very wrong. The reason? A gruelling game of doubles that pitched Young Daddy and I against Miss E and Mr A’s heavy colds all night long. I had definitely lost the bounce in my game, after the racket they made all night (I blame sleep deprivation for bad puns).

Mr A served with a 2am wakeup, and Young Daddy returned with an early feed and a dose of Calpol. Then Miss E stepped up and delivered two swift wakeups at 3am (nappy change) and 4am (Calpol). I took over when Mr A came at us with a 4.30am wakeup and Young Daddy threw in the towel after a valiant fight. Mr A was so congested he just couldn’t get himself to sleep, no matter how tired he was. I rallied, sitting next to the cot for 40 minutes, comforting him and replacing his dummy each time he lost it, but just as he was dropping off to sleep he’d be overcome by the Snot Monster and would deliver a killer volley. I ended up on the sofa with him asleep on me, while I shivered away and lost all feeling in the arm supporting Mr A. Half an hour of sleep gave Mr A the energy to come back at me with a long bout of wakefulness until Miss E closed out the match when she too woke up and Young Daddy and I conceded, gave up on the idea of sleep and began the day.

11 comments to Game, set and match to Mr A and Miss E

  • Hayley

    Sounds like a "fun" night! Lol! Got my fingers crossed you have a better nights sleep tonight :D

  • Emma

    I got exhausted just from reading that! Hope the day has got better for you! :)

  • solveig

    Great post, even if wasn't a great night for you! S x

  • RebaMc

    Sending virtual hugs and hoping they get better soon :) x

  • Mummy Bear

    Oh no…Little Miss P is poorly too…wishing them better and you a good nights sleep

  • Young Mummy

    Think tonight's going to be more of the same :-(
    MB – hope Little Miss P feels better soon x

  • scribblingmum

    Bless them and blast them for their powers of knowing just when is the worst night to be up ! Karvol plug in are the only thing that has ever worked for the snot monsters in my house. Hope they are on the mend soon. At least you didn't miss much of a match ? I can say that as I am a Jock ! x

  • It's a Mummys Life

    Oh God I so know that sort of night, but with two of them, blimey!! Poor you. It's so hard because they really want to sleep but the bloody snot monster doesn't let them! Hope tonight is a bit better x

  • Foodie Mummy

    Hope they get better soon! And you can manage to get some sleep too. X

  • Hearth-mother

    And it was only the third set that was really thrilling…much sympathy. My youngest seems to have been ill for ever. By last count nearly three weeks. Different colds, they must be, but FOR EVER!

  • Young Mummy

    These colds are going to last forever it seems, but thanks for all your get well soon wishes…
    SM – top karvol plug-in tip. We picked one up today so hopefully it'll help tonight.
    HM – I managed to watch the third set and was on the edge of my seat. I will NOT be a happy bunny if these colds last for three weeks. Boo to the snot monster!

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