Dear Diary…

My mum shamed me last week by showing me the notes she’d kept while I was a baby. They were so detailed – keeping record of every tiny development and milestone I reached. I’ve been a bit slack about this (the ‘development’ section in the babies’ red books that I’m supposed to fill in, is conspicuously blank) so I’ve decided action is required.

I’ve been treating this blog as a kind of diary – I did lots of ‘diary’ posts when I started writing but they seem to have tailed off a bit, so I’m reinstating them, and sooner or later I may go through the blog and try to put together a notebook as a keepsake, though somehow I doubt I’ll find the time! These diary posts are probably not of much interest to anyone but myself (and grandparents) but if I don’t make a note of all the little changes I know I’ll never remember them.

So this week we’ve been:

Rolling over: Granted it seems to have been something of a fluke and not occured since, but both Miss E and Mr A have rolled from their fronts to their backs.
Interacting (fighting?): When you sit them close to each other, the babies get really excited and kind of shout/growl at each other (especially Miss E). They open their mouths wide and lunge at their sibling as if trying to eat them. I’m sure it’s affectionate. Possibly.
Dream feeding: For the first time this week, the 11pm feed has become a true dream feed for Miss E. She doesn’t open her eyes during the feed at all, simply finishes her bottle and goes back to snoring softly. It’s lovely getting to hold her when she’s sleeping – it’s a rare treat.
Sleeping with one arm free: They are successfully taking their morning nap with one arm unswaddled. It may seem like a small step but I’m hopeful that both arms will be flying free before we know it.
Sitting up: Miss E and Mr A can sit up like little pros now. It’s just a shame their sense of balance is worse than Young Daddy’s on an icerink. A Bumbo is on it’s way (courtesy of ebay) so that should help.

But by far the biggest and bestest thing in the Young house this week without a doubt? Thumb sucking. Apparently it’s The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread (not that these little lovelies have had the pleasure of sliced bread yet). We managed to ditch the dummies during their colds (they wouldn’t take them then so we jumped at the chance to send all the dummies to the Dummy Fairy), so their thumbs are a great replacement. And they look super-cute when they’re doing it so it gets a thumbs up (boom boom) from me…

9 comments to Dear Diary…

  • Mummy Bear

    Hi there: I have been keeping a diary although the last month it has tailed off a bit. I think it will be such a nice thing to pass on. I am off to get it now, and fill in the gaps! PS: Little Miss P is a dedicated thumb sucker – sometimes I have to be quite forceful to take it out her mouth so I can put her coat on!!

  • Mum with carrot in her hair

    I so miss the dream feed. LL is such a wriggly baby so I used to cherish this quiet time just to cuddle her. I remember the ditching the dummy bit too. Hee hee. So cute when they find their thumbs!

  • Kat

    The open mouth thing sounds like early kisses. Mstr M grabs both sides of my face so I can't escape before smothering me with his open mouth slobbery love.

  • Tanya (Bump2Basics)

    Miss E & Mr A are too cute! What's with moms and the milestones? My mom was just asking today if I've started to record LLC's "firsts?" I actually did, as this is not the first time she asked me about this though I'm sure I will value these recordings in time. Mums are often right. Does that mean we are also often right as we are now mums? I don't feel so wise. On that note, I didn't even know that the red book had a 'development' section!

  • Heather

    I am rubbish, i haven't kept a single note. Not one. i don't even blog about them so I can look back. Bad, mother, bad!

  • Young Mummy

    MB – I think you're right, it's a lovely thing to pass on, especially when they have kids of their own (scary, or what?!).

    MWCIHH – the thumbsucking is so cute. We really drew a crowd of 'ooh' and 'aaah'ing mummies at Baby Clinic today when Miss E and Mr A showed off their newfound skill

    Kat – I am in love with the idea that these might be early kisses. Could they get cuter?

    Tanya – of course we are wise now. Pah!

    Heather – maybe you're blessed with a better memory than mine? I can hardly recall what I had for tea yesterday so keeping note is my only hope

  • Millennium Housewife

    Isn't it great, all the milestones? I'm so looking forward to the walking to the pub and buying a round one, not long yet…

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    Hurray for thumb sucking – Babygirl discovered sucking her fingers this week and it has changed our lives … so so so happy !

  • Pelvis, Interrupted

    I love finding Mummy blogs which make me laugh or have something in common with me. In this case, both! Great blog, look forward to new posts :)

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