A letter of apology

The Young Household
South East London
25th February 2010

To My Dear Forgotten Friends,

Oh my darling bed, how happy we were when you were delivered the day after we moved in. You were our treat, our luxury purchase, and how worth it you have proved yourself to be. I still relish the time we spend together, but those moments are too fleeting, gone in the blink of an eye. But you are loyal, and I know you will be waiting patiently for us to return to you.

It pains me that, until last week, I didn’t even know where you were hiding, dear hoover. When I found you, cowering in the depths of the understairs cupboard, buried by things thrown in to make the house appear tidy when visitors have been expected, I was ashamed. It has been so long! You have been silently waiting to come out and sing again, and sing again you shall.

We used to be inseparable, my dearest hairbrush. You were always with me, always happy to primp and preen. I have no excuses, I have let you down. I promise to be there for you more often from now on.

You are the love of my life, my beloved collection of chunky necklaces, bracelets and statement earrings. Your talent is unrivalled, and the skill with which you transform a boring outfit is something I cherish. Our separation has pained me deeply, and I feel your absence every day. It’s a sad truth that you and the babies are not compatible right now, but I hope the time will soon come when we will be reunited.

And lastly, let me not forget you, faithful filing cabinet. You and I are great comrades in the common goal of organisation and tidiness. You have always shown understanding and support for my obsession with organisation, and you must be left confused by the way I have turned my back on you. I have starved you of important documents, and new filing systems. You would be sickened if you could see the state of the paperwork downstairs. I beg your forgiveness and will try to reconnect with my inner-Monica and feed you soon.

You are all important to me, and although I have taken you for granted, please don’t give up on me. Our relationships are worth more than that, and we can survive these challenging times, of that I am sure.
Yours lovingly,
Young Mummy
I’ve been watching Josie from Sleep is For The Weak’s Writing Workshops from the sidelines for a while, and this post is written in response to her latest prompts. Looking forward to next week already!

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