Technological headaches

So I’ve somehow managed to successfully lurch my way into the vlogosphere with my earlier nursery video tour, but it’s been no easy ride. The original video I shot had a file size far too HUGE to upload so I had to get Young Daddy to help me to find a programme to reduce the file size. Then it took Blogger about a million years to upload the file onto my post. Next time (yes, there will be a next time) I shall use Photobucket or YouTube, but I’ve just got to work out how to do that.
In the last fortnight I’ve become a bit of a Twitaholic (for a novice guide to Twitter, you can’t get better than Battleplan’s guide here). I didn’t really get Twitter before, but I am now fully immersed in the hot-tub of Twitterland and have been really enjoying it. Enjoying it so much it seems, that I may have formed a small addiction. Today there has been something wrong with Twitter that has meant that I can’t take part or see any of the usual banter and I have been left frustrated and at a loss. I can only hope they fix the problem soon, before my Twitter friends forget me *bottom lip starts to quiver*

Then, to fill in the time when I would normally be Tweeting, I decided to upgrade my comments box. I found some easy-to-follow instructions, and was feeling rather like a computer whizz-kid-cum-complete-genius when suddenly my stomach lurched as I realised I had manage to lose every single past comment anyone had ever made on my blog. I shouted, I cursed, and tears threatened, until I worked out that they were not, thank goodness, lost for good and I managed to retrieve them.
So this is my test post. Has my new Disqus comment box appeared? And will it work? Please comment and let me know….

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