Not so blooming marvellous

I was just having a long-overdue clear-up the other day when I came across the handbag I used when I was pregnant. A few of its contents included: 

Empty chewing gum wrappers

Small jewellery box (empty)

A packet of tissues

Parking receipt from the hospital

Boarding pass

Three packets of Rennies

Business card for the local beauty salon


This seemingly harmless array of bits . . . → Read More: Not so blooming marvellous

Out of office

Date: Tue, 30 March, 2010
Subject: I am out of the office as I am celebrating my 30th birthday all day

1 This morning I intend to be eating a breakfast lovingly prepared by Young Daddy, and laughing as Miss E and Mr A try to eat every single one of the endless cards and amazing and beautifully . . . → Read More: Out of office

A tale of two teeth

I can’t believe I haven’t got round to blogging about this yet (bad mummy), but Miss E got two teeth a couple of weeks ago! Both babies have been drooling for England for months and have red, rosy cheeks a clown would be proud of. Then one morning Miss E was on the change mat and I . . . → Read More: A tale of two teeth

Confession of a lapsed domestic goddess

I have aspirations to be a domestic goddess, but judging by the state of my house at the moment, I think aspirations are the closest I’m ever going to get! Where do people find the time?

For me, a tidy house definitely means a tidy mind. Mess makes me feel anxious and I’m one of those . . . → Read More: Confession of a lapsed domestic goddess

Sunshine-induced shopping

I’ve been trying not to get my hopes up, in case it all goes horribly wrong, but it does actually appear that Spring might be making an appearance this year after all. We had a lovely walk in the sunshine yesterday and I didn’t even wear a coat. Imagine that! Yes, I know it’s raining today, but . . . → Read More: Sunshine-induced shopping