Me – Out of Focus

The Gallery  over at Sticky Fingers (a virtual art gallery with a different prompt each week – to take part you post a photograph using that prompt on your blog) has been going for four weeks now, but I haven’t got myself organised enough to join in until now. I was determined to take part this week, and then I saw the prompt. The theme for the photographs this week is ‘Me’. And this is where I got stumped. Should I just find a picture of me with the babies? But I think there’s more to me than babies. Or what about taking a photograph of something that represents me? This I pondered for a while, but couldn’t nail down what I wanted to represent.
My notion of ‘me’ is a little fuzzy at the moment, and that’s when I got some inspiration…..
I’m not sure quite who I am right now. I had a rare night out on Saturday for a friend’s birthday and found myself terrified of the thought of making conversation with people I didn’t know. Do I talk about my babies (the main focus of my life right now), or do I try to play it cool, and act like the person I was BB (before babies)? I find myself worrying that I’m boring people if I mention them and don’t want to be that person who has nothing better to talk about, but the truth is that I don’t have anything better to talk about and I don’t think I should apologise for that. I listen to others talk about their jobs, so why shouldn’t I talk about my current job of being a new mum? It’s the biggest thing in my life so I shouldn’t feel the need to tiptoe around the subject.
My life has changed so much in the last six months and I’m still finding my feet and trying to get to know the new me. I’ve transformed both inside and out, and I think it will take a while for everything to come back into focus.

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