Me – Out of Focus

The Gallery  over at Sticky Fingers (a virtual art gallery with a different prompt each week – to take part you post a photograph using that prompt on your blog) has been going for four weeks now, but I haven’t got myself organised enough to join in until now. I was determined to take part this week, and . . . → Read More: Me – Out of Focus

A fond farewell to breastfeeding?

The babies at around three weeks old

I think we’re on week four of solids (I should really know this, shouldn’t I? Best check..) and after a promising start I’m finding it quite tough-going now. Trying to give each baby a bit of milk, then some food, then the rest of their milk, especially when one is . . . → Read More: A fond farewell to breastfeeding?

It’s all about me…

The lovely Teawithonesugarplease has given me this delectable Beautiful Blogger Award (and I particularly like the pretty design of this one). To accept it I must give you seven facts about myself, and tag seven people.

1) My name is Young Mummy and I am a sweetie addict…
Yep, I love sweets. Chocolate’s ok, but I can take it . . . → Read More: It’s all about me…

Drum roll please.. The Arrival of The Slanket

My prize (a stylish *ahem* Slanket) for winning the first Just Vlog It challenge (the blogging brainchild of Heather at Notes from Lapland and Karin at Cafe Bebe) arrived for me this morning, and in the spirit of vlogging, I thought it best I do a vlog to mark the occasion.

Some notes:
- Yes, the camera is too far away . . . → Read More: Drum roll please.. The Arrival of The Slanket

Birthday message

Lots of love from Mr A and Miss . . . → Read More: Birthday message