Hello? Is anyone out there?

Dear World,

I’m still here. Sorry? You didn’t hear me? Let me say it a little louder for you. I’M STILL HERE!

When my babies reached six months, I did not drop off the planet, I did not move to Outer Mongolia, I did not change my telephone number, my email address is the same and the postman . . . → Read More: Hello? Is anyone out there?

The Incredibles: a family portrait

This may look like any other family picture, snapped on my phone by a friend, but to me, this photo makes me feel invincible.

We went out of our safety zone, and the world didn’t end. We survived, unscathed and exultant.

I constantly question whether things are possible with the babies. Can I make it to the shops? . . . → Read More: The Incredibles: a family portrait

With a little help from my friends…

A few weeks ago I was invited to Huggies HQ for a brainstorming session with Kelly and Piran from A place of my own, and Vic and Mr A from Glowstars. It was the first blogging event I’ve been invited to and attended and it cheered me up no end to be out taking part in the grown-up . . . → Read More: With a little help from my friends…

Repetitive Brain Syndrome

What day is it? I’m never quite sure, as my days have started blurring together. My routine is like a stuck record – same thing over and over and over.

Get up.. feed the babies breakfast… put them down for a morning nap… shower… breakfast… wash up… get babies up… babies sit and play with toys in . . . → Read More: Repetitive Brain Syndrome

Your very own personal baby shopper

There’s a new blog on the block. ‘Oh not another one!’ I hear you cry, but this one is different, believe me…

babystylefile is the brainchild of an uber-stylist-turned-new-mum Poppy Norton, who’s on a mission to make hours trawling the internet for style-savvy products for babies and kids a distant memory. If you’re sick of all the same-old same-old twee . . . → Read More: Your very own personal baby shopper