Back to the real world

Funny how you can take an extra pair of hands for granted. Young Daddy’s had the last week off to help celebrate my birthday and Easter. He headed back to the daily grind this morning and just three hours later I’m a worn-out, done-in, quivering wreck. My back hurts, my eyes are red and burning, and I feel like I could sleep for a week. If those darling babies don’t take a long lunchtime nap I might just keel over.
And the babies haven’t even been that difficult today.
I need to approach this like a sporting event that requires training. Must remember to take it slow and build up my stamina again. Get myself match-fit. Down lots of fluids (non-alcoholic would probably be best) and rest up when I can. It’s time to switch the telly back on over lunch and catch up with some back episodes of Gilmore Girls (my guilty pleasure). And I’ll reinstate my post-baby-bedtime bath.
I’m off to the park this afternoon to make the most of this glorious sunshine. That’s if I can find the energy to walk there…..

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