Repetitive Brain Syndrome

What day is it? I’m never quite sure, as my days have started blurring together. My routine is like a stuck record – same thing over and over and over.
Get up.. feed the babies breakfast… put them down for a morning nap… shower… breakfast… wash up… get babies up… babies sit and play with toys in a bowl… lunch… more play (same toys) and watch Waybuloo…lunchtime nap… up and walk to the park… walk home… dinner… bath… bed… blogging/twitter. Put this on repeat and that’s my week.
As a day it’s not that bad, we have some fun, we get outside, but the repetition gets more than a little boring, not only for me, but I think the babies need some more variety to their playtime too. So I appealed to Twitter for new things to do with Mr A and Miss E and got some fantastic responses. @vwallop (It’s a small world after all) suggested sitting the babies next to a bowl of water with toys in it, or giving them some newspaper to shred (or the phonebook is apparently very popular). @violetposy (Violet Posy) sent some links about heuristic play, and suggested finger painting and homemade playdough.
I tried out the water bowl idea and though it was a little wet (putting cups in the bowl was not one of my brightest moments), Miss E and Mr A did seem to really enjoy it. I also gave them a phonebook to tear up, but Miss E was just intent on eating small bits of paper so I might leave this one for a while.
Mr A and Miss E make a splash
I’m going to try to give our week some structure and create a bit of a timetable…

Monday – Sensory play (water, lights, textures, noises etc) or heuristic play (creating a ‘treasure basket’ – a collection of found and natural objects made from any material but plastic such as shells, egg boxes, wooden napkin rings, ribbons, leather purse, tea strainer, small mirror etc)
Tuesday – This is the day we used to go to Monkey Music, so I think this should be ‘music day’. Sing some songs, play with some instruments, have a little dance about.
Wednesday – Art/crafts? Finger painting. Any other ideas?
Thursday – Need some ideas please!
Friday – Meet up with NCT friends

I think we’ll always keep our afternoon walk, as it’s great to get some fresh air and explore the park or surrounding area, but have you got any other great ideas for additional activities I can do with the babies?

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