We’re on the move

I’m on borrowed time. Like a tiger waiting to pounce, Miss E is biding her time, patiently lingering until my back is turned so she can make her move. I am about to face life with a mobile baby.

She’s done it in breakneck speed. It was only three weeks ago that she started rolling over, . . . → Read More: We’re on the move

Counting the pennies

I know it’s not really the done thing to talk about money, but we’re a few months into statutory maternity pay here at the Young & Younger household, and things are starting to bite. Young Daddy and I have never been the most efficient budgeters, tending to live in the moment, rather than plan for the . . . → Read More: Counting the pennies

Hey Mr Postman

This is the second month I’ve taken part in the Secret Post Club, a gift-swapping club organised by the brilliant Heather at Notes from Lapland. I had a knock on the door on Friday, and lo and behold it was my friendly postman with a package for me.

My parcel was from the lovely Dales Lass at . . . → Read More: Hey Mr Postman

It takes time

The bound-to-be-published-soon writer Josie at Sleep is for the Weak, posted an evocative and powerful poem over the weekend, that really resonated with me…


I lie in sickly soft fluorescent glow,
numb in mind but not in bone.
Ten marathons run hard and long
in just one day and night.

My eyes are fixed on the plastic crib
for signs of life, . . . → Read More: It takes time

Little Miss Sunshine

This video clip is for this week’s Little Film Club over at It’s a Mummy’s Life. I chose the prompt, ‘sunshine’ because Miss E has been my Little Miss Sunshine this week, making me smile and laugh at her general cheeriness. I used to smack my lips for her because she thought it was hilarious, and this . . . → Read More: Little Miss Sunshine