The Italian Job

We survived!

Yes, the Young family made it all the way to Sardinia and back in one piece, and we are still smiling.

Our accommodation was great (a snazzy mobile home), Sardinia is beautiful, and we got out and about as much as we could including trips to the beach, a local market, cafes, a restaurant (yes, just the one, but for us that’s a huge achievement), and gorgeous Italian towns. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great, so it was too cold (or windy) for swimming (one of the things I’d most been looking forward to) so we’ll save that for the next holiday.
By far the best thing about our week away was spending time as a family, with no distractions. Our days were spent enjoying each other’s company and trying new things and we were all very happy campers. Miss E and Mr A charmed everyone they met with their smiles and giggles and I have never felt so proud of them. They were fantastic to spend time with and amazed me once again with their capacity to adapt to new situations. And we’ve obviously trained them well as they slept through every single night we were away (I am available for hire for a very reasonable hourly fee!).

Things I’ve learned about my babies this week:

  • Sand is apparently very good to eat, though tomatoes and red peppers are not
  • Having spent eight and a half months loathing being hung upside down, Miss E has decided it’s one of her favourite things in the world (fickle little lady)
  • Mr A’s eyes are the exact colour of the sea at Costa Rei
  • Miss E has a very sweet tooth and would give up all savoury food if given the chance
  • Mr A thinks that ice-cream is very strange indeed, but he’ll still eat it thank you very much
  • Miss E and Mr A are wary of strangers initially but warm up after a couple of minutes
  • Both babies are very happy and contented little people

And what I learned about myself:

  • I enjoy spending time away from the computer
  • I think of myself as an anxious person but at some of the most stressful times (mainly on the journey), I was calm and positive
  • A cold beer on a hot day is heaven
  • The attention I get walking round with twins makes me self-conscious and proud at the same time

I shall post some more photos throughout the coming week, and I’m also compiling my own list of travel tips to share….

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