I Heart Shoes

Muddling Along Mummy has tagged me in the Shoe Lovers meme/award. Unfortunately my bottom of my wardrobe shoe closet doesn’t contain the envy-inducing designer shoes that Muddling Along possesses (some Christian Louboutin’s are on my wish-list. One day….) but my friends and family will tell you that I love love love shoes. I was trying to think about the last pair of shoes I bought, and realised sadly that my shoe purchases have almost ground to a halt since Miss E and Mr A came into my life. This is down to a combination of lack of shopping time, lack of money, and a lack of opportunity to wear gorgeous shoes.
So it seems like a great time to celebrate the shoes I already have…

Marriage wobbles
First to take their run down the catwalk are my wedding shoes. Yes, I wore these to get hitched. My dress was a knee-length prom-dress, so I felt killer heels were a must. I took them off for five minutes on the dancefloor, but I was determined not to be defeated so I slipped them back on until the end of the night. Yes, my feet did hurt the next day. A lot. But these shoes helped me feel the most fabulous I have ever felt!
On the red eye
These are my current favourites (Carvela from Kurt GeigerKurt Geiger is my shoe-shop of choice), bought a couple of years ago for a wedding, and poised to make an appearance at at leat one other wedding this year. They are super-high, and I feel like a bit of a giant when I wear them but they are much more comfortable than they look. I love the colour of them – in the winter I wear them with brighly coloured opaque tights.
When in Rome
These gladiator sandals are bespoke! There was a little cobblers shop I saw when we were on holiday in Turkey, and they measured my feet and made these beauties for me. They are so comfortable and I wore them a lot when I was pregnant (it was a hot summer). I did have to get Young Daddy to buckle them for me when I could no longer reach my feet, though.
Back to school
I saw these Jack Purcell Converse plimsoll trainers in Grazia and immediately sought some out. I’m now onto my second pair – they are the best trainers ever. I have big feet so buying trainers is a nightmare for me, but these somehow manage not to make my feet look like boats.
These boots were made for walking
I bought these shortly after Miss E and Mr A were born (they are my most recent footwear purchase. Sniff)when I realised how much walking I was going to be doing (it was the only way to get the babies to sleep in the early days). They are ugg-style boots made by FitFlop that I saw in Grazia, and they claim to tone your bum and thighs while you walk. I’ve lived in them this winter which should mean I have pins to die for. Sadly not. But maybe they’d be even worse if I didn’t have the boots?
I’m pretty sure most people have already done this meme by now, but I’ll tag a few nonetheless!
I have no doubt that these lovely ladies will have shoe collections that are pure shoe porn:

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