While I’m away…

…would you mind doing me a favour?

This week you’ve saved some valuable minutes not reading my blog because I’m on holiday. I think those minutes could be best put to use voting for Young & Younger to win the Best MAD Baby Blogger category in the Butlin’s MAD Blog Awards 2010. So why not pop . . . → Read More: While I’m away…

Going off grid

Hopefully when you’re reading this I will be feeling happy and relaxed on our first family holiday.

One of the things I’m most looking forward to while I’m away is some time away from the computer. Since I started blogging at the end of last year, my time spent online at home has sky-rocketed. Writing blog posts, . . . → Read More: Going off grid

Preparation, preparation, preparation

I’m a big addict fan of lists, which is a good thing, because you should check out this mother-of-all-lists, written to help me remember everything we need to pack for our holiday. Young Daddy turned rather pale when he realised it totalled four full A4 sides…

All four of us are off tomorrow to Sardinia for a . . . → Read More: Preparation, preparation, preparation

House invaders

It’s amazing how, slowly but surely, every room in the house gets taken over by baby-related items. My two are so little, yet their stuff is already everywhere. Let’s take a room-by-room tour of the Young & Younger house…

Kitchen: Two highchairs. These fold down flat but they’re still pretty bulky and I have to shift them . . . → Read More: House invaders

Eight months and we’re on the move

Apologies for being a blogger gone AWOL, but I was suffering with a poorly tummy last week and felt too sorry for myself to blog. Now I’ve dragged myself out of my hole of self-pity, given myself a talking to about neglecting my blogging duties and am reporting back for duty.

Being sick unfortunately coincided with Young . . . → Read More: Eight months and we’re on the move