A new addition to the family

No I’m not pregnant! You don’t think I’m that crazy, do you?!
This morning I went in to get the babies dressed after their morning nap. I got out an outfit for each of them and popped Mr A onto the changing unit and started getting him dressed while I chatted away to them both. Then I glanced down and realised I’d managed to put him in Miss E’s dress. A sign I need a day off do you think?!
We got an exciting delivery today. The lovely people at Phil & Ted’s have supplied me with a rather handsome Dash inline pushchair to review. When the news had sunk in that I was expecting twins, what pushchair I was going to buy was one of the main things that occupied my thoughts (focusing on practical matters was far preferable to facing the fear of becoming a twin mum!). TAMBA (Twins And Multiple Births Association) publish a fantastic pushchair guide each year, and I stalked the messageboard on the TAMBA website for pushchair recommendations. I opted for an Out ‘N’ About Nipper 360 Double, which is fantastic apart from the fact it doesn’t fit through the doors of many of my local shops and cafes.

Our brand-spanking-new Phil & Ted’s Dash

So I thought some reviews of twin pushchairs available on the market would be a useful addition to my blog, so a full review of the Dash will follow in due course. Today was mostly spent assembling it – a vlog is on its way showing me in action!
Are there any situations you’d like me to try to pushchair out in? Any particular issues you’d like me to address?
Voting for the Butlins MAD Blog Awards closes June 6th, so if you haven’t already voted head over there now to place your vote. I’m up for the Best Baby Blogger, if you can’t decide who to vote for!

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