Cybermummy’s takeaway service

When I saw a tweet from the Cybermummy organisers asking for people to live-blog from Cybermummy, the upcoming conference for UK parent bloggers, I volunteered without hesitation. I’ve been lucky enough to be sponsored by Huggies to attend the event, but for the many bloggers out there who can’t make it for whatever reason, the Cybermummy team have put together the Cybermummy 5. This is a crack team of five bloggers who’ll each live-blog from one session at the conference, ensuring that anyone who reads our blogs can benefit from the amazing speakers Cybermummy is bringing together.
For those of you who, like me, have never heard of live-blogging before now, it means that I’ll be writing about my assigned session, CyberLabs at 2pm on July 3, as it happens. I’ll be publishing a series of posts, recording the session in real time. The session is split into two parts – SEO Basics and Twitter tips with Charlotte Smith from Glam Media, and Blog to book, tips for writing your book from Robin Harvie, Harper Collins.
As a mum of twins, I reckon I’m a multi-tasking pro. I can be feeding Mr A a bottle with one hand, while reading a book with Miss E with the other, and tweeting with my toes (ok, so I haven’t quite mastered that last one yet). And I’m most definitely going to need my multi-tasking skills when I’m trying to concentrate on the session while writing and publishing posts at the same time. It’ll be a challenge, but luckily I like challenges so can’t wait to throw myself in at the deep end… though I might need to skip the coffee at the break after the session and reward myself with something a bit stronger.

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