Friend or foe?

I’ve just done my first extended time on my own with the babies. Young Daddy’s been away for a couple of nights on business so I’ve been flying solo. Not long ago this would have sent me into a complete panic, but Miss E and Mr A are just that bit older now, and I find them much easier to manage.
One of the most noticeable recent developments is the level of interaction between them, especially now they’re both mobile (yes, Mr A is now crawling too!). Miss E has got used to having the run of the place and now that Mr A can keep up with her, she’s not amused. I think he just wants to play, but she seems him as a pest.

They spent all day on Monday fighting. Miss E swiping at Mr A, him grabbing fistfuls of her hair and giving her a good shake, her biting him. I spent the whole day consoling one or the other and trying to play ref. It left me wondering if this was what my days would be like for the foreseeable future.
I woke up apprehensive yesterday, expecting more scrapping. But instead the babies seemed to relish each other’s company. They raced up and down the hallway in fits of giggles. They sat and played, catching each other’s eye and letting out a raucous chuckle. Instead of napping at lunchtime they stood opposite each other in their cots and chortled wildly. At the table after they’d finished their lunch, they just sat there laughing, at what I have no idea. I felt a bit of a gooseberry!

It’s given me an snapshot of the best and worst of being a twin. On the one hand, a readymade playmate, there to entertain and amuse and hopefully offer comfort when needed. Co-conspirator. On the other, someone to constantly invade your personal space, steal your toys and generally get on your nerves. Rival.
Any advice about how to encourage a positive sibling relationship from an early age, and to manage the situation when it does kick off, would be very gratefully received….

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