Nine and a half months

I’ve been a bit slack and missed my monthly round-up when the babies turned nine months the other week. So here it is, better late than never….

Mr A loves his face being tickled, or being tickled under his chin. He loves being carried up or down the stairs and thinks it’s hilarious. He likes to blow raspberries . . . → Read More: Nine and a half months


Sometimes it gets on top of you.

Sometimes you feel invisible.

Sometimes you feel smothered.

But you’ll always be there to support.

Always there to make them feel safe.

Always helping them grow and climb.

Always their rock.

Their mother, always.

 This post is for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. This week’s theme . . . → Read More: Motherhood

The school of Cybermummy

It’s like getting ready for the first day of school. I wish there was a bloggers uniform, because that would make things easier. Instead I’ll be spending the next two weeks trying to decide what to wear.

I must make a note to book myself my back-to-school haircut, as my hair hasn’t been anywhere near a hairdresser . . . → Read More: The school of Cybermummy

Do your children bring out the best or the worst in you?

It’s been fascinating watching the effect having children has had on my friends. Some step up, their best qualities shining through the sleep deprivation, frustration and abject terror at becoming a parent. For others, those character traits that you have always managed to overlook – like selfishness, an unwillingness to listen, a tendency to be judgemental . . . → Read More: Do your children bring out the best or the worst in you?

Summer loving

We pull up to a collection of picturesque villas, nestled in amongst the olive trees. We’re relieved to have survived the hair-raising taxi journey over the Cretan mountains, eyes squeezed shut as our driver took swigs from a can of lager mounted to his dashboard while negotiating the hairpin turns on the narrow road. My brother and . . . → Read More: Summer loving