Contract of employment

THIS AGREEMENT is made on the 28 day of July 2010

The Young Household Ltd of Young Towers, Young & Younger Hill, London (“The Young Household”); and
Young Mummy

1. Young Mummy shall provide childcare, domestic, and editorial services to The Young Household as Chief Childcarer and Part-Time WAHM (Work At Home Mum) (but always within such parameters . . . → Read More: Contract of employment

Vlogging Diary – ear infections

Instead of a vlog about my best week yet as a mum (I’ll post about it later this week instead), a poorly Ez has hijacked this week’s Vlogging Diary…

Apologies for my terrible lighting in the video. This vlogging lark is a learning curve, and I obviously have quite a long way to go yet! Although I . . . → Read More: Vlogging Diary – ear infections

Goodbye purees

I’m going to start this post with a reminder – The Artist Formerly Known As Miss E will now be known as Ez, and The Artist Formally Known As Mr A, will go by the name Fonz. Still nicknames (obviously, I hope), but somehow they feel more like real people with these names, and they feel . . . → Read More: Goodbye purees

Vlogging Diary – teething woes

Before you watch this video – I’ve decided it feels too awkward saying ‘Mr A’ and ‘Miss E’ when I’m vlogging, so I’m giving them a name-change! Miss E is now Ez, and Mr A become The Fonz (Fonz, or Fonzie). Anyway, here’s what we got up to . . . → Read More: Vlogging Diary – teething woes

The Weekend Review: Phil & Teds Dash with double kit

You may remember that a while back the kind people at Phil & Teds sent me a Dash inline pushchair to trial. I had imagined it to be a useful second pushchair, great for trips up to town, but I honestly can’t remember the last time we went out in our old pushchair since the Dash arrived! . . . → Read More: The Weekend Review: Phil & Teds Dash with double kit