Contract of employment

THIS AGREEMENT is made on the 28 day of July 2010
  1. The Young Household Ltd of Young Towers, Young & Younger Hill, London (“The Young Household”); and
  2. Young Mummy
1. Young Mummy shall provide childcare, domestic, and editorial services to The Young Household as Chief Childcarer and Part-Time WAHM (Work At Home Mum) (but always within such parameters as may be specified by The Young Household and the primary employer, Ez and Fonz).
2. The Young Household shall pay to Young Mummy the grand sum of Happy Babies, and A Stressfree Working Life (plus any VAT) for all hours worked.
3. The Young Household shall reimburse any reasonable expenses incurred by Young Mummy in the provision of the services under this agreement, with a Drink at the end of each day (choice of which to be determined by Young Mummy), Dinner (ideally including Pud) every night and the Occasional Night Out.
4.1 Subject to clause 4.2 this agreement shall subsist for an indefinite period unless and until determined by one months’ written notice given by The Young Household to Young Mummy or by Young Mummy to The Young Household.
4.2 The Young Household may terminate this Agreement forthwith by written notice to Young Mummy at any time if she shall:
4.2.1 Fail to deliver constantly entertaining activities to amuse The Babies; or
4.22 Fail to update her blog more than once a week; or
4.23 Turn up for work without a shower and wearing her pyjamas and slippers; or
4.24 Spend more time on Twitter than playing with The Babies; or
4.25 Not succeed in having a meaningful conversation with her secondary employer, Young Daddy, at least once a month.
5. This Agreement constitutes the whole of the agreement and arrangement and supersedes with effect from the date hereof all previous agreements and arrangements relating to the subject matter.
6. Any notice to be given hereunder shall be in writing and shall be sufficiently served by being delivered personally to The Young Household’s registered office. 
SIGNED for and on behalf of 
The Young Household Limited
Ez and Fonz
Young Mummy
Young Mummy

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