Eleven months

Ez and Fonz turned eleven months last week, so here’s a little round up of what they’ve been up to for the last month. This age rocks! Wish I had a pause button for a while.

Fonz is a speedy crawler, and confidently pulls himself up to standing. He loves to climb stairs and if left unchecked will scale the entire flight of stairs. He loves music, and the Leapfrog activity table is one of his favourite toys – he always looks to me to sing along with the tunes, and he jigs in time with the music. He’s learned to wave hello and goodbye, and I often catch him waving to strangers when we’re out and about. He’s developing a little temper. When he gets cross he turns red, screeches and stomp-crawls a few feet before screeching again. If he’s really cross, he’ll turn his back on me too. Eating is a favourite pastime, and top of the list is any kind of fruit (I can’t cut it up fast enough), cheese, pasta and chicken sandwiches. He’s generous with his chuckles, and loves loves loves being tickled (especially under the chin). I call his name, and he lets me chase him, while he’s in fits of giggles. He wishes his sister would play with him more, as he thinks its brilliant when she tickles his tummy, or plays tug-of-war with a muslin. He also reckons it’s great fun to bite her fingers when she’s daft enough to stick them in his mouth. A stacking cup and a shell will keep him happy for ages. Pop the shell in the cup, shake it, shell falls out, pick up shell, pop it in the cup, shake it… endless fun. When he’s had enough he’ll lay his head on the ground, or my lap, and give me a happy smile. The Fonz makes me laugh every, single day.

Ez loves cuddles. Mummy cuddles are the best, but daddy cuddles are pretty good too. Crawling’s great, but climbing’s even better. Why go round mummy (or whatever other obstacle) if you can climb over? Standing up is best, and she can stand unsupported for around 30 seconds now, though she doesn’t look like she’ll be taking a step anytime soon. She likes to use the walker and beams with delight when she realises she’s moving on two feet. Her favourite food is bananas (a turnaround as she used to think I was trying to poison her when I fed them to her). Her second-favourite thing to eat is cardboard. Mmmm. She’s beginning to think her brother is potentially quite good fun and loves racing up and down the hallway with him. She doesn’t like it when he bites her fingers. Singing ‘Wind The Bobbin Up’ prompts huge smiles, and as she’s just learned to clap, she likes to clap along. If she wants something she’ll point until I guess what it is she’s after. She was poorly with an ear infection a few weeks ago, and it was the first time she’s been properly ill. Luckily she made a quick recovery. Her favourite toy is my housekeys and I frequently forget I’ve given them to her and have a panic when we get back to the house/car and I can’t find my keys. She loves books, and I often come into the nursery in the morning to find her sat with a book, though I have just discovered the flaps on her favourite ‘life the flap’ book have been chewed off, so that would probably explain the fascination. Ez makes my heart want to burst with love every, single day.

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