The Weekend Review: Little Dish purees

It’s been a while now since the babies started eating proper solid food, but not long before we gave up purees, we were sent some puree pouches from Little Dish to try. What I liked about these sachets was that they used fresh ingredients – they had to be kept in the fridge and used within a couple of days. Made from 100% fresh fruit and vegetables, they tasted like you would expect, rather than other readymade purees that don’t taste as fresh. Ez and Fonz were fussy with their purees, and rejected every readymade sachet I tried, so I wasn’t sure how the Little Dish pouches would go down.

We gave Ez and Fonz the Blackberry, Apple & Banana puree first, and they gobbled it down cold for dessert. A hit! Mango & Banana was the next flavour we tried, and again it was well-received, though quite runny so a little difficult to spoonfeed. We mixed the Butternut Squash, Carrot & Apple puree with baby rice, and again the babies ate every last spoonful without any fuss. Strawberry & Apple worked well spoonfed as a pudding, but we also spread it on toast like jam. This one was definitely Ez and Fonz’s favourite, and although we’ve left purees behind now, I would still buy this to use on bread or to add to yoghurt for dessert. And I’ll definitely be giving the Little Dish natural meals a go – great for when time is tight.

A few weeks after the purees arrived, Little Dish sent us their cookbook to try too. Unfortunately I’ve been rather busy of late, so we haven’t had a chance to cook up any of the delicious-sounding recipes, but we’ve got the Creamy Chicken Curry bookmarked for next week.

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