August’s Multiples Mayhem!

Multiples Mayhem - Come and join the Carnival!

I know it’s a busy time for everyone, what with the school holidays and general summer madness, so thanks for those that sent me posts for the second Multiples Mayhem! carnival. If you didn’t get a chance to enter a post, don’t panic, you’re not too late. Simply include the link to your post in the comments below, or email me at youngmummy at youngandyounger dot net, and I’ll find you a carnival slot.

The super-talented Rebecca over at Two Become Four, has made us not one.. not two… but THREE stylish Multiples Mayhem! badges to choose from, so feel free to grab one and pop it on your blog. If you want a badge, header or anything else designing, she’s your girl, so drop her a line.

Now let’s get on with the main event…

Linda at You’ve Got Your Hands Full, hopes her daughters’ individuality will be encouraged to shine when they start secondary school in September, as she looks ahead to the minefield of double-whammy parents’ evenings. Don’t miss TAMBA’s five top tips for how secondary schools should approach teaching multiples.

I almost had a toddler tantrum of my own after planb started off all encouraging about life with twins, and then swiftly shattered the illusion with her post on twins hitting the terrible twos.

Zookeeper is also having toddler battles. On her new blog, Dummies and Doghairs, she laments her laziness when it comes to cooking, as she seeks a cure for her daughter Magpie’s, Extreme Vegetable Aversion.

And if tantrums and food fights weren’t enough, Mari at Mari’s World is going potty about grabbing her mop and bucket as she ditches the nappies and starts potty-training her girls. Good luck Mari!

Expectant twin mums (and dads) out there would be unwise to miss Rebecca over at Two Become Four’s list of those essential items that have helped her (almost!) through the first year with twins Tilly and Jasper. It’s definitely got me thinking about what I wouldn’t have been without, and a similar post, inspired by Rebecca, will appear here soon.

Karen from All About The Boys’ uplifting post had me reaching for a tissue. Go and give her a hand off her naughty step please, because she absolutely deserves it.

And finally, here’s my contribution. A little video to remind us all why having multiples is so precious. I challenge you not to laugh along!

Thanks all for joining in and reading, and don’t forget to get in touch if you’d like your post added to the carnival.

Multiples Mayhem - Come and join the Carnival!

Multiples Mayhem - Come and join the Carnival!

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