Sand play alternatives

Saw a tweet from the über-stylist Poppy Norton (the brains behind baby style file) today that got me thinking…

We used rice krispies instead of sand for a messy play activity at Twins Club the other week and I’ve been meaning to recreate it at home ever since. We used a cement mixing tray (available from most DIY . . . → Read More: Sand play alternatives

Two to one

We’re living in Lurgy Land at the moment, with poor Ez very under the weather. She woke up with a temperature last Wednesday of just over 40°C. I’m much more used to thinking in Farenheit so I didn’t really realise how high that was until Thursday night, so we paid the doctor a visit on Friday. . . . → Read More: Two to one

The two sides of Fonz

Fonz is quite a complicated little chap. He’s often frustrated at home, resulting in tears and angry tantrums. He’s very determined, knows exactly what it is he wants (usually my mobile phone or any remote control he can spy), and is not a happy bunny if he can’t have it. He loses his patience very quickly, . . . → Read More: The two sides of Fonz

I’m not perfect

There, I said it.

I am a perfectionist. I discovered pretty soon after Ez and Fonz were born that being a mum and a perfectionist does not a happy mummy make. Now I’m finding out that being a perfectionist and a working mum is even worse.

I’m not content if I don’t do things well, if I’m . . . → Read More: I’m not perfect