The two sides of Fonz

Fonz is quite a complicated little chap. He’s often frustrated at home, resulting in tears and angry tantrums. He’s very determined, knows exactly what it is he wants (usually my mobile phone or any remote control he can spy), and is not a happy bunny if he can’t have it. He loses his patience very quickly, and can be happy as larry one minute, and inconsolable the next, and once he’s lost it, it’s very difficult to snap him out of it.
So you can imagine my surprise when one of the carers at nursery said: ‘Fonz is so happy, isn’t he? He never cries.’
Ummmm, really? I buckle him and Ez into the pushchair where Fonz grizzles all the way home, and is in a right grump until he goes to bed.
What’s that all about, then? Am I doing something wrong at home? Is he happier playing in a group (Ez isn’t too keen on playing with him at home so could that frustrate him)? Does he hate me having to share my time between him and Ez? I’m sure it can be tough being a twin at times. 
Of course, the other possible answer is that he bottles it all up at nursery, and is more comfortable and at ease at home so can show his emotions more. 
I doubt I’ll ever know the answer, but that won’t stop me trying to work it out.

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