Silent Sunday – for dad this week

Photograph taken at Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons, 
Wednesday 24 . . . → Read More: Silent Sunday – for dad this week

Life with twin toddlers

With Ez and Fonz both confident walkers now, I’ve realised that my days with twin babies are behind me, and my time as a mum of twin toddlers is beginning…

This way and that way
Obviously the biggest thing with them both walking is their increased mobility. I got them out of the pushchair in a cafe, and . . . → Read More: Life with twin toddlers

It’s for charidee

Even before becoming a mum, charities that support kids always drew me.

So when I was asked to post the video below to help launch the latest Fairy and Make-A-Wish Foundation campaign, I said yes without hesitation.

The Fairy and Make-A-Wish Foundation aims to make magical wishes come true for children across the country. According to their research, . . . → Read More: It’s for charidee

Living on cloud cuckoo land

In my dream world, we can buy a bigger house when we move to Berkshire for Young Daddy’s job in the new year. Something with more living space, an extra bedroom and a big garden.

In my dream world, I’m planning a holiday abroad next summer. Nothing extravagant, just a camping holiday in France or sharing a . . . → Read More: Living on cloud cuckoo land

Twins at 14 months – Ez

Ez is so busy, busy, busy, always bustling around. She loves to tidy up, and and is forever emptying boxes or bags, only to refill them again. If she finds something she brings it over to give to me as a little gift.

She’s been walking for a couple of months, and is pretty confident now, though . . . → Read More: Twins at 14 months – Ez