Twins at 14 months – Ez

Ez is so busy, busy, busy, always bustling around. She loves to tidy up, and and is forever emptying boxes or bags, only to refill them again. If she finds something she brings it over to give to me as a little gift.

She’s been walking for a couple of months, and is pretty confident now, though her pigeon steps make me laugh. Her strides haven’t got any bigger since she started walking, she just does more of her teeny tiny steps to get where she wants to go faster.

Ez thinks her shoes are the best thing ever. She carries them around, or brings them to me to put them on her. She tries to put them on herself, but can’t manage it yet. She likes everyone else’s shoes too, and will happily pass Fonz’s shoes to me when we’re getting ready to go out, or she’ll grab my boots for me. She’s definitely inherited my love of footwear!

She loves cuddles and hugs, and will regularly come over to say hi while she’s playing, then go back to get on with whatever she was doing. Her tummy’s really tickly, and I can have her in hysterics when I tickle her.

Her favourite book is Sweet Dreams Maisy, and every evening she picks up her book, brings it over to daddy and settles herself in his lap for him to read it to her. She chats along as he reads, though she prefers the first page to any other!

She loves sardines, she loves climbing stairs, she loves playing “Where’s your…?”

She hates being buckled in a pushchair or car seat, and she hates having her teeth cleaned.

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