Twins at 14 months – Fonz

Fonz is so much happier now he’s walking. The frustration and anger that kept spilling over comes out less often and I’m loving all the belly laughs and cheeky grins he gives me now. He’s busy cutting what seems like a whole mouthful of teeth at once but on the whole he’s managing it pretty well.

He’s chatting all the time now, with a few recognisable words as well as ‘dada’ and ‘mama’. He’ll pick up my mobile and answer “hiya”. He says “gat” (translation: “cat”) and delights in chasing the cat around the living room. When she lets him stroke her (“Gentle please Fonz!”) he beams with pleasure and lets out a gurgly chuckle.

Ask him “where’s your head/nose/tummy” and he’ll grin and show you, and if he’s hungry he’s just started making the sign for ‘eat’ (he’s added smacking his lips to really bring the message home). Bathtime is mostly a big hit and he careers up and down the bath, splashing vigorously (something Ez detests).

He’s spent his first days away from Ez when she was home poorly and he went to nursery and he managed brilliantly and enjoyed all the extra fuss he got from the staff.

He loves being chased, he loves making loud banging sounds, he loves anything with wheels and he loves watching the washing machine go round and round and round.

He hates having his teeth cleaned.

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