A new year, and a new home

Welcome to Young & Younger’s new home. I’ve finally, after months of procrastinating, moved from our old digs at Blogger. As is always the case in my house, the bare bones may look ok, but there is plenty of snagging to do. Please make yourself at home, and try to bear with me while I get the place tidied up so it’s all glam and sparkling for you.

You may notice that I haven’t tackled importing all my comments from Disqus yet. In truth, I’ve found it challenging enough just to get this blog set up, so I’m going to put the Disqus hurdle for another day. Any hints or advice on how to successfully achieve this without pulling out any more of my hair would be gratefully received.

Oh, and happy new year! It kind of crept up on me this year so my first resolution is to find some time this week to sit down and make some resolutions…

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