Ez and Fonz at 16 months

She’s meticulous – things need to be in their right place and she loves to sort and tidy. She can say “tidy” and her favourite activity at nursery is emptying the box of colouring pencils and slowly putting them all back in. Her favourite toy at home is her wooden shape sorter box.

Ez at 16 months

She’s full of smiles and gurgling laughs. Stuff that makes her laugh includes tickles, row row row the boat, and my dancing. She’s perfected a few animal noises – fish, dog and cow being the preferred ones – and happily makes them whenever she sees the animals in books or on the TV. She jigs along when any music plays.

She loves to sit herself down on my lap, if only for a matter of seconds, to say hello and then continue with what she was doing. She blows me kisses and if I’ve been really, really good I get a big open mouth kiss (with snot an added bonus).

She doesn’t like her food mixed up on the plate, she doesn’t like wearing a hat, she doesn’t like having cold hands and she doesnt like getting dressed. Oh, and being made to wait for her food doesn’t go down too well, either.

He’s full of fun, and loves to tease. He can’t help but laugh when he’s chased, and we have a game that when I get his coat, we have to play chase before I can put it on him. I just have to say his name, and he immediately gets the game and starts running away, in fits of giggles.

Fonz at 16 months

He thinks if he walks backwards, or even better, crawls backwards, I can’t see him going where he’s not allowed to go. He looks at me with a cheeky grin as he tries to inch his way out of the room when I’ve told him not to.

He is obsessed with reading. A Dr Seuss book is a particular favourite and we can read it over, and over, and over again, but there are plenty of others he likes to read too – The Gruffalo, Dear Zoo and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? are common choices.

He chats almost constantly, talking to me, the cats, himself, his sister (sometimes). He likes to hide his face, and then say “Boo!” “Car” and “cat” are other well-used words. He gives himself a little round of applause when he’s done something he thinks is clever.

He doesn’t like sharing, he doesn’t like being told no (to anything) and he really, really, really doesn’t like being woken up after a nap.

Twin stuff
Laughing in their cots is now a daily occurance – they love to play tug of war with their comforters, or more recently Fonz has perfected the art of persuading Ez to throw all her toys out of her cot onto the floor, or into his cot. Hilarious, apparently.

A rare quiet moment

We’re trying to learn ‘taking turns’, with varying degrees of success. Ez is better at it so far, she is happy to wait most of the time, but Fonz often finds it frustrating. They get jealous if I spend too much time with the other twin, and I’m often left with one crying child if I’ve picked the other up for a comforting cuddle.

They listen to each other’s words and sounds and repeat them. So rather than one child blowing raspberries all afternoon, I get two! They can point to their mouths, tummies, noses, heads and ears, and have started to learn to point to each other’s if I ask them.

Fonz loves to play rough and tumble with our twin friends down the road, but Ez isn’t keen on this type of play. Sometimes she’s happy to be chased, or to chase Fonz, but she isn’t happy if she’s caught. Fonz will often nick whatever toy she’s playing with, to get her to chase him. He thinks it’s brilliant. She doesn’t.

15 comments to Ez and Fonz at 16 months

  • Just looking at the picture of them together makes my heart skip. Seeing kids interact with each other is just brilliant. Little P and her little friends are hilarious at the moment! Sigh, wish we could press pause just so we can drink it all in better!

    • Young Mummy

      The table and chairs were their Christmas present from us. They haven’t used them that much yet, but I do love this picture. Ez was sitting there with a book, and Fonz got up and copied her. It was very cute! I would absolutely press pause at this age. I totally love it.

  • What a lovely post, thank you for sharing this with us, and from such interesting perspective too. We’ve all read hundreds of accounts of how single children develop, but this is the first account I’ve read featuring twins and it’s really interesting to note the little differences in their behaviour. I wonder if the differences would be so apparent if they weren’t different sexes?

    • Young Mummy

      They have fallen into absolute stereotypical gender roles, which has completely taken me by surprise. I’m sure nothing we’ve done nothing to encourage this, but they are your absolute classic ‘boy’ and ‘girl’. It’s actually really interesting to see how totally different they are. We know identical twin girls who are a couple of months older than Ez and Fonz and they have very different characters too. It’s fascinating.

  • I really loved reading this, it’s really heartwarming and just lovely.
    Makes me want twins, they’re adorable, and I love the names too!
    You must be very proud x

  • mummylimited

    This is such a lovely age and so many of the things you describe MM loves too, particularly Fonz’s list but then MM is a typical boy too. So interesting to watch how different they are. Fonz looks like a proper boy. I noticed from about 16mo to about 19mo all the babyness left MM. Sad but amazing to watch.

  • Ah this is lovely. I wish Piran had a close friend his age to play with a bit more. He does get the contact at nursery but I don’t see it. Piran only does duck but if I tell him to get a particular animal from his playmobil he tends to get the right one. He talks a lot though, he is starting to ask questions like where is it, what is it, where did it go. This age is amazing.

    The whole gender thing is amazing isn’t it, Piran is such a boy and it didn’t come from me who he spends all his time with!

    • Young Mummy

      Oh yes, my two definitely understand SO much more than they say. They are constantly surprising me, and they often do the signs we’ve made up for various animals when they spot them on the TV or in books.

  • I loved this – my youngest is 20 months. I’ve found that despite trying so hard not to enforce gender stereotypes both of my boys are proper little boys – even the youngest pretends to shoot me! You have two lovely children. x

  • Oh bless they are lovely. It seems so funny to see them as toddlers – it seems like yesterday that you had pics of them as teeny tiny babies!

  • Love the chair and tables – can’t wait for this stage x

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