Win a year’s supply of nappies!

When Ez and Fonz turned six months, Young Daddy and I calculated that they had got through an incredible 2,172 nappies in that short space of time. We didn’t dare add up the amount we had spent.

To celebrate the launch of Tommy’s PregnancyLine – a fantastic service offering mums-to-be a free phoneline (or email address) to speak to an experienced midwife about how to have a healthy pregnancy – Huggies have come up with a fantastic competition.

Huggies are offering you the chance to win a year’s supply of Huggies products. And if you’re expecting twins, they’ll double the supply! Now that’s a good prize! Head over to the Huggies Club now to enter.

Last year, Huggies very kindly sponsored me to attend Cybermummy, and I’m absolutely delighted that they are sponsoring me to attend the event again this year. Working with Huggies as a Huggies Mum has been an absolute pleasure, and I’m really looking forward to all the exciting things I’m sure they have planned for 2011. If their Tommy’s PregnancyLine competition is anything to go by, it looks sure to be a fantastic year.

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