Review: Mungai mirrors

A while ago (ok, ok, I admit it – it was way back before Christmas) the very lovely people at Mungai Mirrors offered to send me one of their products to review.

I jumped at the chance. Fonz has always been fascinated by mirrors. In fact, it was a little handheld mirror that made him smile for the first time, eventually, when he was about ten weeks old (not that I was worried that he hadn’t smiled before that. Oh no, not at all. Honest). Since then he’s always shown an interest in mirrors, and when we first started going to our local soft play area, before he could walk, he would crawl over to a big acrylic mirror and spend most the session by it. I’m often told that he likes to hang out next to the mirror at nursery, too. I don’t think it’s vanity – he just loves to try to make sense of things!

I had done a bit of a search for acrylic mirrors a while back (tried the usual suspects and ran out of time to delve deeper), so I was thrilled to find the selection of shapes and sizes that Mungai offers. As Fonz likes to stand at the mirror, I knew I’d like a full-length one, and once I saw the Bendy Mirror – which can be bent to create distorted reflections like the hall of mirrors I used to love at the fair – I thought that one was just the ticket.

It’s a winner. It’s been popular with Fonz and Ez, and with my friend’s twin girls, who are a couple of months older. They were all pushing and shoving each other (goodnatured of course) to get in front of the mirror, and had lots of fun. They liked the fact that when they touched it, it moved, and the reflection changed. Now I just need to find a permanent home for it, as we haven’t found the perfect spot just yet.

This is s sponsored post – many thanks to Mungai Mirrors for the Bendy Mirror they sent me to review.

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