Silent Sunday: The Twin Show comes to town

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The Young Mummy uniform

I’m not saying I was ever a fashionista, but I definitely used to have a healthy interest in fashion and clothes (shoes, in particular).┬áSo the fact that my last five issues of Grazia (which I get on subscription) have gone unopened, and that I have actually been going out in public in my Tracky-Bs should be . . . → Read More: The Young Mummy uniform

Bish bash bosh

Fonz appears to be living up to his early nickname of “Bruiser” at nursery.

Last week the nursery staff told me that he’s been picking on one particular child. She’s younger than him, not even walking yet, and she always has a comforter blanket with her. Fonz repeatedly swipes her blanket or dives on top of her. . . . → Read More: Bish bash bosh

Technorati again (ignore)

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Silent Sunday – twin fun

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