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A study out today reveals that, of the 2,000 parents surveyed by TalkTalk, only 52 per cent read their children a bedtime story before they go to sleep.

I have always loved reading. I remember joining the library book clubs in my school holidays and amassing stickers and bookmarks as I ploughed my way through the books in the collection. I remember phases obsessed with certain writers – Enid Blyton, Mallory Towers, Sweet Valley High, Fear Street horror books for teens, then inexplicably I developed an obsession for Agatha Christie’s Poiret and devoured every book I could find. A couple of years later it was Stephen King.

I got a Kindle for Christmas this year and it has really kickstarted my reading again since having Ez and Fonz. It’s so easy to plonk myself down in front of trash telly every night, or have fun catching up with people on Twitter, but I’ve missed a good book. The Kindle’s fantastic – I love the ease of it, and it’s so lightweight it’s incredibly comfortable to use. But it does trigger some guilt – I love books – the look, the feel, the whole experience – and I don’t want to contribute to the demise of the traditional book.

Ez and Fonz are big book fans too. We read stories over and over and over. Fonz has a penchant for Dr Seuss, and both he and Ez enjoy anything with animals in it. Obviously they don’t want to make life easy for their mummy, so they don’t want to read the same book at the same time, but until they’re old enough to remember the actual words of the books, I’ve perfected the art of appearing to read two books simultaneously – one in my left hand for Fonz on my left knee, one in my right hand for his sister on the other knee.

Many moons ago (I’m such a slack blogger) we were sent some books to review by Top That. It prompted me to create a little reading corner for Ez and Fonz, who now regularly go over there to choose a book and settle on the beanbag for a read.

When we were first sent the books, One Little Bird an her Friends was our favourite. It has sliding panels that reveal pictures, and Ez and Fonz were always amazed to see the tabs move! We’ve always done a lot of reading, but a bedtime story wasn’t part of our routine until recently. And that’s when When I Dream of ABC, a fantastical and witty exploration of the ABC, has come into its own. It’s not a board book, so I wouldn’t trust the twins with it on their own, but it’s become a bedtime regular, along with other firm favourites (Monkey Puzzle, One Night in the Zoo and The Way Back Home are big hits in the Young house).

I hope we continue to make time for bedtime stories. We have a story after Ez and Fonz have finished their bedtime bottles (yes, yes, I know we should have ditched bottles by now), and it’s usually calm and peaceful, and a great chance to all cuddle up together on the little sofa before the twins go down in their cots. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day, and I’m intent on keeping it.

Thanks to Top That Publishing for the books we were sent for review.

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