My turbo-charged Tuesday

The theme of Tara’s Gallery this week is ’24 hours’. I spent most of yesterday snapping away – Tuesdays are busy in the Young house because the twins only do a half day at nursery, while I try to cram in a full day’s worth of work, but even I was surprised just how much we get done:

I wake up
I say good morning to Ez and Fonz
Ez and Fonz have their morning milk
I load them up for nursery
We arrive at nursery
I have breakfast
I work (ok, ok, I tweet)
I clean the bathroom
I sort the washing
Ez and Fonz are home from nursery
Ez and Fonz have their naps
I put on more washing
I have lunch
I work
Snacktime for Ez and Fonz
We head to the playground
Daddy’s home
Ez and Fonz have dinner
Bath time for Ez and Fonz
Bedtime bottles
Fonz and Daddy have bedtime cuddles
Celebration glasses of fizz – offer accepted on new house
Takeaway Thai in honour of the above
I watch some trash telly
I read my Kindle in bed

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