The Young Mummy uniform

I’m not saying I was ever a fashionista, but I definitely used to have a healthy interest in fashion and clothes (shoes, in particular). So the fact that my last five issues of Grazia (which I get on subscription) have gone unopened, and that I have actually been going out in public in my Tracky-Bs should be ringing alarm bells. Loudly.

It’s official, I’m stuck in a rut. My uniform? Long, black vest tops (bought and worn when I was pregnant). Black leggings (also bought when I was pregnant – they are maternity leggings). Denim skirt (maternity skirt recently replaced – just – with my old denim skirt). Loose shirt or cardigan (bought when pregnant). Ugg-style boots.

TIME FOR A VANITY WAKE UP CALL! It’s been over two years since I got pregnant. Why am I still wearing my pregnancy clothes? They are frayed, torn, stained and faded – and maybe that’s a bit like what I feel has happened to me too.

Time to offer up some poor excuses for this sorry state of affairs… A new body shape doesn’t help. I don’t know how to dress for this shape, but I do know it’s time to give up thinking I’ll ever wear some of my pre-pregnancy clothes again. Let’s get serious here. Lack of funds is a hurdle. But if you shop cleverly you can reinvent your wardrobe without spending a fortune (I hope). Highly limited shopping opportunities are also a hindrance. I need be more selfish and make some time for myself, without the kids, to trawl the shops. And remember that it is possible to shop online.

When even my mum tells me it’s about time I bought myself some new clothes I know it’s got critical. I’ve started to look at myself through other people’s eyes and it’s not great. Project ‘Young Mummy Makeover’ has commenced, and my battle plan is as follows:

1. Have a look around some shops to get an idea of what looks might suit me.
2. Do a massive order for new tops, buying each one in two sizes to ensure a good fit (returns are free).
3. Invest in some trousers that fit (do this physically, in shops. New trousers are too difficult to buy when you’re unsure of your size and shape).
4. Reaffirm my long-forgotten love of new shoes, and buy some practical, yet attractive shoes for spring.
5. Make more of an effort – I’m talking hair, nails etc. I do actually enjoy this stuff, so I should spend more time doing it.

I’m hoping after a bit of time and effort, I’ll be good as new.

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  • I think we need some before and after photos!!!

    • Young Mummy

      *groan* I knew someone would ask me that! Maybe I’ll do a vlog – somehow that feels less painful. I could spin around superman-style to reveal my new look…

  • Naomi

    My daughter is about the same age as your children. This really resonated with me so I’m feeling in need of a similar shake up…consider me joining you in your vanity wake up call :) am looking forward to hearing about your progress :)

    • Young Mummy

      Hi Naomi, glad it’s not just me! I will try to do some kind of before and after post in the not too distant future (and hope people can see the difference!).

  • I so know where you’re coming from as I am another victim of the mummy uniform – mine consists of jeans, long sleeved t shirts and slippers, trainers when I step out in the big wide world. I can’t shop with my two in tow – it’s a nightnmare but new trousers are definitely on my list and a blouse, a bright coloured blouse to give me some energy and just in case anyone happens to be listening, I’d love some new diamonds too :)

  • HURRAY! Good for you lovely, you complete deserve to feel good about yourself, and if a bit of shopping is what’s needed then so be it!


  • Emma Button

    I can sooooo identify with this. My work trousers are still my maternity ones. They’re worn and saggy. Ive lost the inspiration. Funnily enough I did a photo shoot for the mail a couple of weeks ago for a piece on exactly this subject. The journo reckons it takes 18 months to find your fashion mojo again and I’m at 20 months. Getting all dressed up and with clamourous make up has inspired me. I’ve dug out my old shoes, dusted off my make up collection and now I need to shop!

    • Young Mummy

      I’m lucky I didn’t really go back to an office or I have absolutely no idea what I’d be wearing! I’d love a glamorous makeover. My mum always told me it would be around 18 months that I’d start to feel like myself again, and I think she’s spot on. Now we’re all glamming up, we just need somewhere to go! Look out Cybermummy….!!

  • Good on you!

    I’ve found it really hard trying to find clothes I like that are fun but still child proof… and that had breastfeeding access, am only just back in normal bras but getting new undies did make a big difference

  • You will get your fashion mojo back – I went through a similar thing just before I my maternity leave finished; I did a mad shopping dash for a capsule wardrobe and then splashed out on some great shoes and bag to feel more ‘polished’. I found the time spent getting away from the twins to get my hair and nails done was blissful, essential and a god send to have a moment from being a mummy. Good luck and let me know if you want me to steer you onto some fantastic shopping sites.

    • Young Mummy

      Some shopping tips would definitely be much appreciated – though remember my budget is.. well… teeny tiny to say the least. I went nearly eight months without a hair cut, but have recently started getting it cut regularly again and it does make a huge difference to my self confidence. And I definitely need to dig out my huge collection of nail varnish and get painting…

  • I’m so with you – was just thinking the other day how I seem to wear the same things over and over and gasp…sometimes twice in a row if I know I won’t be seeing anyone I saw while in the outfit the day before! I got a few new pieces of clothes in x-mas sales thanks to a very generous gift card from my brother in law and that felt like a start. I think finding things that fit your shape and are versatile are so important. Even if it means seeking them out in shops but buying online at a more affordable price tag. Good luck! Oh, did you get my text btw? I am rubbish with conversing via Twitter and organizing plans in general but am still game…

    • Young Mummy

      Oh I definitely wear the same things twice in a row if I think I can get away with it. It’s when you’re out and about somewhere, glance down, and realise there’s a huge snot trail down one of your arms, and dried baked beans down the others. *cringes with embarrassment* (and yes, sorry, did get your text. I will email you) x

  • I’ve just found my fashion funk again – I had my moments last year but it took a massive shopping spree – literally just blindly buying anything I liked in H&M without looking at the price tag to start feeling good again… I used to study fashion and then worked in PR so it was hard feeling so unstylish but I just didn’t have stuff in my wardrobe that I felt I could wear.

    My tip? Weed your wardrobe, chuck out EVERYTHING that doesn’t look nice on you, or that you don’t *really* want to wear, I made a little mood board first of people who’s style I love and have them in mind when I get dressed & think to myself “would they wear this?” :) helps restore the style mojo when you remind yourself that you can, and do, look great, even if you’re pinching inspiration from somewhere else to begin with!

    Not working in fashion anymore I’m now the most overdressed person in the office but I don’t care, haha!

    Good luck :) xx

    • Young Mummy

      Love, love, love the idea of moodboards to inspire me in the morning. That is an awesome idea, and I can put all those unread Grazias to good use as I chop them up for my moodboards! I also think you’re bang on about weeding my wardrobe. I’ve been doing it bit by bit, but I think a ruthless clearout would be just the fresh start I need.x

  • I completely identify with this – in fact I wrote a very similar post about this subject recently – although having decided to take an interest again, I was stuck between wanting to recapture my youth and embracing the ‘classic’ looks of middle age! I think I’ve now found a happy medium (funk it up with shoes!) – The Wicked Mama has good advice – chuck out and re-stock. And don’t balk at spending the money – it will make you feel fantastic to invest in yourself.

    • Young Mummy

      Oh I do love shoes. I just wish I could justify buying completely impractical footwear these days, but where will I where it?! Having said that, you’re right. I need to remember that I’m worth investing in. x

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  • Sounds like you’re in need of some guidance! I’ve just launched a website where I conduct personal styling completely online – including the shopping for gear to wear. This idea has sprung from my own experiences post-babies and the need I’ve seen for a simple, yet effective, way for busy mums to get their sense of fashion direction back again. Would love you to take a look and let me know what you think –
    x Alison

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