The Gallery: Sweets for my sweet

A little gift I got yesterday seemed perfect for this week’s Gallery theme: Simple pleasures.

It’s been a tough few days. Young Daddy has started a new job working shifts. So on Friday, instead of that usual, ‘hurrah it’s Friday’ feeling, I was facing a long weekend on my own, as he was down to work 12-hour days shifts both days. I must admit here that I’ve been spoilt when it comes to the twins’ bedtime. It has been months since I last had to get them into bed on my own, as Young Daddy has always been around to lend a hand. So four nights solo (he was also working late shifts on Monday and Tuesday) was a daunting prospect.

I’d love to say it’s been a breeze, but it hasn’t. Ez is either teething, or slightly under the weather, and every evening she has been inconsolable from the end of dinner, right through to bedtime. Her brother is not the least bit keen on her getting all my attention so he’s been playing up too, and most of the time has been spent trying to intervene in the increasingly violent war taking place over the prized place on my lap.

It’s also been weird not seeing much of my husband. We’ve caught up for an hour or so each evening, but that’s been it. On Tuesday I was up at the crack of dawn to drop the kids at nursery and make a mad dash into the office. I kindly gave the husband a lie-in (as he was working lates). When I came home to an empty house later that day, a familiar, and much-loved paper bag was sat on my kitchen worktop.

There was a rush of excitement when I saw the crumpled white bag sitting there, and a smile spread across my face. It was just the boost I needed to get through my final solo bedtime for a while. I only wish I could have made the contents of that paper bag last just a little bit longer!

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