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As soon as we switched Ez and Fonz from formula to cow’s milk (at 12 months, and with absolutely no fuss whatsoever!), we were astonished at how much milk they started to get through. They currently drink two pints a day of whole cow’s milk between them, plus milk for their cereal or in any meals. That’s over 14 pints of milk a week!

With that level of milk consumption going on, plus the milk Young Daddy and I use ourselves, it really did feel like we needed to buy a cow to keep in our back garden. We were making daily trips down to the local corner shop, and on more than one occasion I went to make the bottles first thing in the morning, only to discover we’d run out of milk, and Young Daddy would have to sprint down to the shop in his pyjamas (I am not about to volunteer to do that!).

I considered getting the milkman to deliver to us instead, but couldn’t get myself organised enough to sort it out. So the constant scrabble for milk continued, as we struggled to balance the demands of work and home.

So you can probably imagine our delight when an email popped into my inbox offering me a trial of milk&more, an online service that lets you order your milk and other ¬†dairy products, plus a growing list of other essentials from its website, and the milkman will deliver them the next morning (if you’ve remembered to order before 9pm). You don’t need a time slot for delivery (the milkman leaves it on the doorstep), and delivery is free. You can also set up a regular delivery, which is what we’ve opted to do. We get milk, eggs and bread delivered at regular intervals throughout the week, and add in any lastminute essentials when they’re needed.

I’m dairy-intolerant, so I was pleased to discover that the milk range is great, and includes soya and goats milk, though unfortunately the only cheese currently on offer is various types of Cheddar. With two cats, we seem to run out of cat food as often as we run out of milk, so the fact that you can buy cat food is brilliant for us. And in the interests of trying to look after myself (and the kids of course) a little better, I think I may add a fruit or vegetable box to our order.

At the moment, we only use milk&more for our everyday essentials. I’m hoping that as the range expands (it’s still a bit limited at the moment), we’ll be able to use it even more. So far it’s been consistently reliable, and it’s definitely a better option than an early snowy Sunday morning, pyjama-clad jog down to the corner shop.

Disclosure: For this review, milk&more provided us with £100 of credit to spend on the site.

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